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India's first
social metaverse
India's first
social metaverse

AltWorld is a creator led metaverse where 3D content is the expression of creativity for everyone! Create 3D experiences, virtual clothes, objects, personalised hangout spots, virtual cities, and multiplayer games, to share with others. The possibilities are endless!

We connect hundreds of virtual spaces built by everyone to offer an immersive social experiences for our users. Explore multiple experiences ranging from hangout places to multiplayer games, make friends around the world, host parties, and immerse yourself in a world only limited by your imagination.

AltWorld is full of gaming and experiential rooms where users can play & hang out together. From Battle Royale and Team Deathmatch games to Casual and Laidback games, find your type and play with friends & people globally!
Beach Club
Party Room
Red Light / Green Light
Smash House
Space Station
We are taking social interactions in the metaverse to the next level. Players can make friends, interact using emotes, talk using chat and proximity audio, capture memories, invite their clan, and much more inside AltWorld.
Make Friends
Interact with your tribe
Chat with friends
Take selfies
Want to sing? You Can!
3D Worlds
Unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life by creating content in 3D!

Create your own 3D Experiences, Virtual Clothes & 3D Objects using AltWorld's no-code, mobile-first creation tools.

You can create sharable 3D experiences like your own custom hangout spot, replica of a whole city, a jungle, a multi-player game and much more!
Experiences by Our Creators!
Be who
you are!
Be who
you are!
Our Mission
To create an open metaverse that enables users to create custom 3D worlds & games easily and connect them for a truly immersive social gaming experience!
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